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Airbnb Management Notion Template

Airbnb Management Notion Template

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Manage your Airbnb operations seamlessly with Notion - all in one place.

Effortlessly manage property, finance, guests, bookings, housekeeping, tasks, suppliers, employees, and team for your Airbnb business using our comprehensive Airbnb Management Notion template.

Watch video demo here.


  • Manage your Airbnb Properties
  • Manage Bookings and Guests
  • Prebuilt Guest Handbook
  • Manage your Employee Team
  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Documents
  • Supplier Management
  • Manage your Finances, Incomes and Expenses
  • Show Monthly, Yearly Report
  • Manage News, Notes, Team
  • Manage your Property's Social Media Content in one user-friendly place
  • Create an online invoice for your customers directly from the booking system. You can also manage discounts and easily share it through a simple link on Notion or export it as a .pdf file.

Who can benefit from this template?

  • Airbnb Property Owners
  • Guest houses owners
  • Property owners
  • Anyone looking to manage their properties bookings, customers, and team in one place

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Over 20,000 customers and 50,000+ Notion templates delivered worldwide.

  • What is Notion?

    Notion is a comprehensive workspace that simplifies note-taking, task management, project planning, and organization. Its user-friendly interface is designed for versatility, facilitating productivity and maximizing efficiency. Whether you're a writer or a project manager, Notion helps you get things done.

  • What is Notion template?

    Notion templates are pre-built components designed to enhance your productivity. Tailored for tasks like project management, task tracking, and note-taking, these templates can streamline your workflow and boost efficiency quickly.

  • How I will receive the Notion template?

    After your purchase, you'll be redirected to the Notion welcome page for the template. There, you'll have access to the instructions and the actual template, which you can duplicate into your own Notion workspace. You'll also receive an email with a link to the template and an option to receive an invoice.

Frequently asked questions

Works with Notion's free plan?

Yes, every feature of this template will work perfectly on Notion's free plan.

Can I modify this template?

Absolutely! After duplicating the template into your Notion workspace, you can freely customize your databases, views, and dashboards as you wish.